An 11-year-old boy opened fire on two 13-year-olds during a dispute that began over a bag of chips at a Pop Warner football practice in Apopka, Florida, according to local police reports.

The altercation between the three boys took place at a recreation center on Monday evening. 

Witnesses said that after arguing about the chips, the older boys chased and attacked the 11-year-old. In response, the younger child retrieved a gun from his mother’s car.

Surveillance video revealed the older kids pursuing the 11-year-old towards the car, where his mother stored a handgun under the passenger seat. While one 13-year-old began walking away, the 11-year-old allegedly shot him from behind, injuring both teens.

Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley expressed his bewilderment at the incident, saying, “What makes an 11-year-old feel a necessity to grab a firearm and end this altercation is beyond me.”

Police arrived at the scene shortly before 8:30pm, finding a large crowd gathered around one of the injured 13-year-olds. The 11-year-old was at his mother’s car, visibly distressed. Both injured teens were hospitalised, with one undergoing surgery.

The 11-year-old has been charged with attempted second-degree murder, and police also intend to charge his mother for leaving the firearm unsecured in the car.

McKinley highlighted the recurring issue of children gaining access to firearms, emphasising that firearms are not a solution to problems. 

The police official urged parents to ensure that firearms in their possession are secured and inaccessible to children.

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