New report has revealed the discrepancy in
wages of engineers around the world, highlighting that US developers earn much
more than their British peers

Gamified programming outfit Codingame conducted
the survey using its community of two million developers (along with tech
recruiters) according to which, the US remained the top-paying country for
software engineers, with an average annual salary of $95,879.

According to the report more than 40 per cent
of developers working in the US earn over $100k a year and 5 per cent earn than
$200k annually.

A close second in terms of remuneration was
Switzerland, with a $90,462 average salary, Canada was at $71,193, while UK
came in fourth, with an average salary of $68,664.

Moreover, according to the data Germany came
in at sixth place with $61,390. France was down at ninth with $47,617. At tenth
place came Spain with an average salary of $39,459 for software engineers.

However, software engineers in India,
Morocco, and Tunisia were at the bottom of the table, with averages of $19,553,
$18,318, and $16,796 respectively.


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