The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has enhanced stringent conditions on Afghan Transit Trade (ATT).

Under the new conditions, 25 percent of consignments will be selected for scanning and a minimum of 10 percent for examination by the Risk Management System (RMS).The FBR also imposed new conditions of bank guarantees equal to duties and taxes of the consignment to ensure Afghanistan-bound goods reach their final destination.In the wake of ongoing campaign against smuggling of dollars in the guise of ATT, the FBR issued two more Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs) to discourage misuse of transit trade.When contacted, former economic adviser Dr Khaqan Najeeb said the new policy measures will help curb illegal selling of in-transit goods inside Pakistan. The government has also banned goods like fabrics, tyres, black tea, home appliances, toiletries, cosmetics and nuts which are more prone to smuggling.

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