50-year-old tourist swimming in the waters of the Colombian Island of San
Andres was bitten to death by an eight-foot-long tiger shark, reported The Sun. 

Per the
report, the man, who was touring the city, was a good swimmer and had been in
the water for a long time.

He swam for
the first time and safely returned to the shore soon. However, the shark bit
him the second time he went for a swim in the acclaimed safe waters.

The tourist
was heard yelling for help while he tried to reach the shore.

People who
witnessed the tragic incident said he was surrounded by blood. They tried to
help him come back to shore.

The deadly
shark bit a piece of his thigh which caused excessive bleeding to the tourist,
after which he went into a hypovolemic shock — a condition in which the heart
stops pumping enough blood to all the organs of the body.

are very worried about what’s happened and they’re not letting people go into
the water,” said marine biologist Rodrigo Lopez.

Adding to the
unanticipated nature of this incident, diving instructor Mirla Zambrano said
that such an attack is very shocking.

“We are
all very surprised. It’s the first time a shark has attacked a tourist in San

Prior to this
incident, people described this place as a wonderful area to “swim with
the fish” on Tripadvisor, an online travelling website and application.

person described it as a place with “very crystal-clear and warm water, a
good spot to jump in and enjoy a moment in the water.”


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