Fighting in Ukraine is
still in its infancy, but Western nations fear it could last months or even


Russia’s invasion of
Ukraine is being compared to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 or the
US intervention in Afghanistan in 2001


The Soviet Union had
to withdraw from Afghanistan after ten years of defeat, while the United States
withdrew after 20 years without gaining anything. Both attackers were defeated
by the invading country


So can Ukraine become
like Afghanistan after the Russian and American invasion? Some influential
circles in the United States want Russia to be trapped in Ukraine just as it
was trapped in Afghanistan. He said the United States and NATO should provide
volunteers in Ukraine with weapons and training to fight against Russia in the
same way as they provided mujahideen in Afghanistan


Former United States
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a recent interview: “Remember
that Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1980. The outcome was not good for the


It simply came to our notice then. An uprising that had received
a lot of financial and military support drove the Russians out of Afghanistan


The Soviets entered
Afghanistan on December 24, 1979, and were forced to leave the country in 1989,
almost ten years later


After failing to
impose its own government on the country, the Soviet Union signed an agreement
with the United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1988. This was followed by
the withdrawal of Soviet troops, which was completed on February 15, 1989.
Incumbent President Joe Biden, in his recent State of the Union address, spoke
of adopting the same policy. In his speech, he said that Russian President
Vladimir Putin would have to suffer the consequences of invading Ukraine, which
would have a lasting effect


Chicago-based author
Branco Marstick, who is also the author of a popular book on President Biden,
says there are many voices in Washington over the issue. One of them is that
Ukraine should be a quagmire for Russia


I think there are differences between Republicans and Democrats
on this issue,” he said in an e-mailed interview with the BBC. In
addition, there is disagreement within the Biden administration


But Russia must be stuck in the quagmire of Ukraine. We know
that the Biden administration has been clearly planning such an outcome since
last December
. “


Achal Kumar Malhotra
has been India’s ambassador to Ukraine’s neighbors Georgia and Armenia


This time around, the United States and its NATO allies have
made it clear that they will not take part in this war directly,” he said.
I think they are trying to keep Russia stuck


Russia should be subjected to severe economic sanctions and
weakened economically and militarily


Achal Kumar Malhotra
says that if you look at Western countries, Russia is portrayed as a villain


In addition, Russia is
being isolated at the diplomatic level, and Western countries are trying to
persuade Ukraine to continue its resistance with diplomatic, moral, political
and economic support. “This war could last for years and Ukraine could
become a permanent battlefield


The current crisis has
been raging since 2014, when Russia invaded Crimea and occupied its eastern
part of Ukraine. Since then, Ukraine has received military aid from NATO and
the United States. Scott Ritter is an expert on Russia’s affairs in the United
States and has been the commander of the United States Marine Force. He has
also served as an arms surveillance inspector in Baghdad. He says the United
States and NATO have been training Ukrainian troops since 2015


In a tweet, Scott
Ritter said that since 2015, NATO and US troops have been training five
Ukrainian battalions each year in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine


The training is being
conducted at NATO’s Eureau military base there. This means that in the last
eight years, Ukraine’s 40th Battalion has been trained


Ordinary citizens are
being trained

Hundreds of volunteers
from Western countries are coming to Ukraine to fight the Russian army and they
are being provided with weapons. At the same time, Ukrainian citizens are being
trained to wield weapons and fight in the streets


According to
Chicago-based US analyst Branco Marastik, the supply of weapons to modern-day
Nazis and supporters of apartheid in Ukraine is not without danger. The United
States will continue to be threatened by supported resistance forces


He says the recent
resistance in Ukraine should be viewed in the same way as providing weapons and
training to US aid to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan


He says there is
concern that white-collar white men with weapons in their hands could be
violent when they return to the United States


According to Branko,
“extreme nationalists and far-right extremists have long had a dangerous
and influential presence in Ukraine, and the rapid proliferation of Western
weapons in Ukraine will no doubt reach them.” In fact, we know they have
the weapons
. “


Branko says many of
these Western extremists are now in Ukraine to experience their violent
activities in the real world

are going to. The
worrying thing is that we will know the result of all this only when it is too
late. What will happen if Ukraine becomes the Afghanistan of Europe?

The United States and
NATO countries invaded Afghanistan after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Twenty years later, in 2021, he had to leave Afghanistan.


The manner in which
Western troops withdrew from Afghanistan created a scandal for the United
States, and it was said that the United States and NATO had been defeated in


Malhotra says Ukrainian
President Joe Biden is a big challenge. There are US congressional elections in


Biden will have to prove
inside the United States that the United States is still the world’s leader and
that he is fighting a fierce battle against Russia in Ukraine. If Russia
conquers Ukraine, America’s identity will be severely damaged.


According to Achhal
Malhotra: “It is possible. Russia has faced a similar situation in
Afghanistan. The United States has also seen failure in Afghanistan. The United
States also lost in Vietnam.


It will depend on how
long the United States and its allies can sustain this resistance in a credible
way in Ukraine. “


At the moment, along
with the war, Russia and Ukraine have continued to try to resolve issues
through dialogue. But there are indications that Russia will withdraw from
Ukraine only on its own terms.


The conditions include
that Ukraine should not join NATO, that the Ukrainian army should lay down its
arms, and that Ukraine should recognize Crimea.


President Putin also
wants a pro-government government in Ukraine. If Ukraine agrees to these terms,
it will be a defeat for the United States and NATO.

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