Sana Javed has been all over the headlines
after a number of fellow industry peers and makeup artists have called her out
for her rude behavior.

While, more artists have turned to social media to share their
experiences with the Khaani actress
about being disrespectful towards them, on the other hand, a number of
prominent showbiz stars have come out in defense of the Dunk actress.

Some of Javed’s close acquaintances including
actor and producer Fahad Mustafa, filmmaker Nadeem Baig, actress Sadia Faisal
and others have showed support to the 
Ruswai actress in the controversy.

Taking to Twitter, the Na Maloom Afraad star wrote: “I have worked with Sana Javed on
various projects and she’s been a part of my show for the last 2 years & in
these times I’ve found her extremely professional and humble not just with me
but with my team too.”


The Meray
Paas Tum Ho
 famed director shared a selfie with Javed and mentioned
his ‘great experience’ working with Sana in hit drama serials Pyarey Afzal and
Ruswai, adding that he found the actor ‘completely professional’ while wishing
to work with her again soon.

However, netizens slammed both Mustafa and Baig for supporting the
Aye Musht-e-Khaak actress amid
the controversy. An internet user commented, “Everyone is nice to people who
are more famous and influential than themselves,” while another shared, “Of
course, she is nice to you. If she’s not even nice to big directors and actors
in the industry, how will she get work?”



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