The cabinet committee on energy (CCoE) will today (Tuesday) do away with the free electricity units allotted to officers of 17-21 grades in electric power distribution companies (DISCOs), Generation Companies (GENCOs), Wapda Hydel Company, NTDC, and PITC and save Rs6 billion annually. However, the employees up to grade 16 will continue to have the facility of free electricity.

Nonetheless, the free units allotted to 17-21 grade officials will be monetized. The monetization has been fixed to the amounts and there will be no change even if the power rates further go up. The finance division has opposed both the free units and their monetization.According to the official summary prepared by the Power Division, the officials of 17 grade in DISCO and WAPDA have been allotted 450 free electricity units and now they will be paid Rs15,858 per month against their units. However, the grade 18 officers in DISCO and WAPDA are allotted 600 free units and they will be paid Rs21,996 per month. Likewise, Grade 19 officials using 880 free units a month will be paid Rs37,594, the officials of 20 grade using 1,100 units will be paid Rs46992 per month and grade 21 officials consuming 1,300 units a month will be paid per month Rs55,536 each.However, in generation companies (GENCOs), 17-grade officers are allotted 600 units a month each and they will be paid Rs24,570 each per month, and grade 20 officials in GENCOs using 700 units will be paid Rs26,460 and those of grade 19 will be paid Rs42,720 against 1,000 free units. Likewise, grade 20 officials will get Rs46,992 against 1,100 units, and Grade 21 officers consuming will be paid Rs55,536 each per month against 1,300 free units allotted to each officer. All the in-service employees in grade 17 and above in DISCOS, GENCOs, and WAPDA will pay the electricity bills issued by the respective DISCOs. In the earlier circulated summary, WAPDA employees were not included who have been added in light of the discussion held in a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office on August 27, 2023.

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