Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday expressed the hope that
China and India will be partners for mutual success instead of adversaries of
mutual attrition.

“We must make sure that our relationship moves forward on the
right track,” Wang said.

With regard to the border issue left over from history, China has
always advocated managing differences through equal-footed consultation and
seeking a just and reasonable solution, without letting it affect or interfere
with the bigger picture of bilateral cooperation, Wang said.

China and India have a combined population of over 2.8 billion and
account for one third of humanity, Wang said. When the two countries achieve
stability and prosperity and live in peace and harmony, global peace and
prosperity will have a solid foundation, he added.

Only by staying independent can the two sides firmly grasp their
own destiny and realise goals of development and rejuvenation, Wang said

Wang said the countries should should help each other accomplish
goals, instead of “draining each others’ energies”.

Ties between the two Asian giants deteriorated after a fatal
border clash in the Galwan valley in June 2020 left at least 20 Indian and four
Chinese soldiers dead.

At an annual press briefing in Beijing, Wang acknowledged that
ties with India had “met with some setbacks” in recent years.

He said that “some forces” have tried to create conflict
and division between China and India.

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