Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Ejazul Ahsen
has said that technology can improve the justice system. All countries are
moving to digitalisation as technology makes access to justice easy.

Addressing the Technology for Justice
Conference held under the aegis of the Justice Project and Wakeel Online here
on Saturday, he said a judge should not only be aware of technology but should
also be committed to providing justice. “We did not stop working even during
the corona pandemic,” he said.

Lahore High Court Justice Ali Baqar Najfi said his court was the
first to hear cases through video link during the corona pandemic. Now is the
time to use technology in the legal system.

SAPM Senator Ali Zafar said it is to check how the technology
solves the problems of the common man. The biggest problem here is the delay in
hearing of cases. He said the prime minister has agreed to reduce complications
for the judiciary.

SACM Hassaan Khawar said a lot of works have been done and a lot
of works are yet to be done. “We will have to shift to technology,” he said.


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