The employees, including doctors and paramedical and other staff in Category-D Hospital in Ghiljo on Saturday set a 10-day deadline to the government to release funds or else they would halt provision of health care services in the facility.

The doctors and other staff earlier went on strike and stopped the health services at the hospital but later the officials of district administration held talks and convinced them to resume their duty.They locked the OPDs and halted provision of healthcare services and facilities due to which patients and their attendees faced great hardships.However, Assistant Commissioner Imtiaz Ali Shah along with local elders held talks with protesting doctors, who postponed the strike for 10 days.The elders urged the government to release funds to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital inGhiljo as the doctors and other staff had not been paid for the last several months.In June 2020, MERF entered into agreement with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to run the Cat-D Hospital Ghiljo to provide quality secondary healthcare services to the people of Orakzai.Main objective of the contract was to strengthen and improve the existing health system through better staff management, ensuring uninterruptedsupply of medicines and consumables, equipping the health facility with latest medical equipment and upgrade and repair infrastructure.

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