Police and snatchers clashed at more places in the provincial capital on Saturday, resulting in the death of a street criminal involved in the murder of a young college student a few days back.

The cops and alleged snatchers have clashed at almost a dozen places in the last four days, which resulted in the death of two criminals while seven were held in wounded condition.“An accused, Shahsawar, was held for involvement in the murder of a college student Hassan Tariq during snatching few days back. He was being taken by the cops to help identify hideouts of other accomplices when the police was attacked in the limits of Rahman Baba Police Station,” the spokesman for the Peshawar Police told media. He added that police retaliated and an exchange of fire took place for some time.“A cop was hit by two bullets but he remained unharmed as he was wearing bulletproof jacket. The accused in custody Shahsawar, however, was shot dead by his own accomplices,” said the official. The attackers managed their escape.The official said another alleged snatcher was wounded after an encounter with police in the University Town.He added the police clashed with snatchers at many places after aggressive policy was adopted by the cops on the directives of Capital City Police Officer Ashfaq Anwar and SSP Operations Kashif Abbasi.“Two snatchers were killed and seven held in wounded condition in clashes with cops after the police parties were attacked in limits of Rahman Baba, Badaber, Bhanamari, Tehkal, Agha Mir Jani Shah, Phandu, Gulbahar and other police stations in the last few days,” said the spokesman.The cops were directed a few days back to adopt aggressive policing against the street criminals, keep a check on all those released from jail and compile a data of the criminals as well as ice sellers and addicts.There were complaints that innumerable gangs of street criminals got strengthened in the last couple of years to a great extent and were openly challenging the writ of the state in almost all parts of Peshawar.On the other hand, the police officers and juniors were said to be discouraging registration of the large number of cases happening daily.After innumerable complaints, the SSP had to circulate a cellular number for sending a complaint if the police refused to lodge a case or misbehave with the people.

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