The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) paid Rs70 million to the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) on Tuesday but the fuel supply could not be restored due to which more than 50 more flights were canceled for Wednesday.

According to PIA sources, Karachi to Lahore flights PK302, PK303, PK304, PK305 for Faisalabad PK340, PK341, for Islamabad PK368, PK369, Gwadar PK503, PK504, Multan PK330 and PK331 have been cancelled.PK181 to Sharjah, PK182 from Islamabad, PK233 to Dubai, PK234 to Gilgit, PK601, PK602, PK605 and PK606 to Riyadh, PK753, PK754 to Skardu, PK451 and PK452, PK631 and PK632 for Sukkur, PK211, PK234 for Dubai, PK261 and PK262 for Abu Dhabi and PK246 for Dammam-Islamabad have been cancelled.Lahore to Dubai flight PK235, PK203, PK204, Jeddah PK759, Dubai PK203, Abu Dhabi to Lahore PK264 were cancelled. Flight PK209, PK210 from Sialkot to Sharjah and PK281, PK282 from Muscat and PK180 from Dubai to Sialkot have also been cancelled. Flight PK283, PK284 to Peshawar, Dubai PK257, PK258 to Sharjah and PK218 to Abu Dhabi have been cancelled. Dubai-Faisalabad PK224, Multan-Sharjah PK293 and Dubai-Multan PK222 have also been cancelled.

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