The federal government has issued orders for retirement of 17 federal bureaucrats. Establishment Division OSD Waqar Haider of Grade 22 will retire on May 5, 2024; Senior Joint Secretary Parliamentary Affairs Division Shahid Ahmed of Grade 21 on September 30, 2024; Senior Joint Secretary Finance Division Munir Ahmed of Grade 21 on December 3, 2024; Establishment Division OSD Miraj Anees Arif on December 14, 2024; Khalid Ali Raza Gardizi of Grade 21, who is awaiting appointment, on September 25, 2024; Director General Federal Public Service Commission Mansoor Ahmed on April 8; Establishment Division OSD Asmat Allah Khan of Grade 20 on April 14; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Railway Division Muhammad Saleem on May 15; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Power Division Hamid Mehmood Rana on May 24; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Finance Division Military Wing Shafiq Ahmed Shaikh on June 23; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Industries Division Syed Sabti Abbas Zaidi on August 31; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Naval Affairs Division Gul Zameer Hussain on August 31; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Overseas Division Muhammad Wishaq on November 22, 2024; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Defence Production Division Khaliq Ur Rehman on December 13, 2024; Grade 20 Shakeel Qaiser Kayani, pending appointment, on December 31, 2023; Grade 20 Joint Secretary Cabinet Division Zafar Iqbal on December 18, 2024 and Grade 20 Joint Secretary Defence Division Khalid Pervez Bhatti on April 2 next year.

All these officers belong to the Secretariat Group. They are retiring on completion of 60 years of government service.

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