its conversion to gas, liquid and urea. The findings showed that Thar coal can be converted into gasification as the ash content is average around 18 percent

The report also said that the sulphur content of Thar coal is higher than expected, but not a concern from a gasification point of view. The ash flow temperatures are around 1320-1340 degrees Celsius.The studied sample was found to show relatively higher Char–CO2 gasification reactivity compared to bituminous coals. The study suggested that Thar coal is viable for conversion into gasification and then into liquid and urea. Unlike previous technology of underground coal gasification, the present report endorses the surface coal gasification.The SCA decided to share the report with high-ups for taking up some practical steps in this connection, including the starting of a pilot project or a demonstration plant. A seminar will also be held on the study results, where government dignitaries and relevant stakeholders will be invited for developing consensus on further course of action such as a coal gasification policy.

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