In a significant policy shift, PTCL will introduce a monthly additional charge of Rs50 for the delivery of paper bills, marking the first time users will have to pay extra for this service.

According to information provided, PTCL has opted to implement this additional fee, starting January 1, 2024, for customers using the paper bill mode.

PTCL asserts that users will need to pay Rs50 monthly for paper bills to ensure they can continue receiving these bills at no direct cost. Users interested in this service will be required to register, and those opting for paper bills will be charged an extra Rs50.

This move represents the first instance where users will be charged for their bill delivery, introducing an added financial burden on the public. Consequently, this decision is anticipated to significantly bolster PTCL’s revenue.

To inform users about this change, PTCL is using mobile phone messages.

A spokesperson said that this decision is aimed at fostering an environment conducive to paper usage.

The implementation is scheduled to commence on January 1 in all major cities nationwide. However, in rural and small-town areas, paper bill delivery will remain free of charge.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that telecom companies are already adopting similar practices within the industry.

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