Zendaya reportedly felt pulled to ‘keep her
options’ open during the early days of her relationship with Tom Holland.

This news has been brought forward by a source close to the couple
and during their interview with OK! They even assured fans that the
relationship is ‘no publicity stunt’ for Spider-Man:
No Way Home.


Tom is “all in and making his feelings known
loud and clear,” the insider made sure to explain. But, despite the fact that
she “definitely loves” the actor, she was hesitant to enter into an exclusive

Tom on the other hand Tom felt “besotted” from “the moment he met
her” and wasn’t even bothered by Zendaya’s short fling with Euphoria costar
Jacob Elordi.

The same insider also went on to admit, “Tom didn’t show that he
was bothered, but it grated his nerves,” just the same.

Till the end Tom never gave up on his lady and “Zendaya was
touched by how much Tom cared.”

In fact, “He’d move in with her tomorrow if he could,” although
it’s possible that Zendaya may need some convincing to agree to a relocation,
“she’ll likely agree to a trial period of living together.”

This revelation comes shortly after it was revealed that Tom
Holland has snagged a multi-million pound home for him and Zendaya.


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