The Interior Ministry
agreed on Friday to the arrangement of idiot proof security to previous boss
equity of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed, on the Supreme Court (SC) Registrar’s


The SC Registrar had
composed a letter to the Interior Ministry, looking for security for ex-CJP
Gulzar Ahmed, Geo News detailed. Reacting exactly, the Interior Ministry gave
an assertion saying that security isn’t being removed from the previous top
adjudicator. “Resigned Justice Gulzar Ahmed will keep on having a similar
security as he did while standing firm on the main equity of Pakistan’s
situation,” the Interior Ministry said


The SC official had
expressed in his letter that the previous CJP has given decisions in some
high-profile cases including illegal intimidation, extra-legal killings,
infringements and minority privileges. The authority expressed that the
security gave to Justice (retd) Gulzar Ahmed as the central equity ought to be
kept up with


Officers should be sent
for the previous CJP’s security even after his retirement, the Registrar said
in the letter composed on January 27, only four days before his retirement on
February 1


It is worth focusing on
here that Justice Gulzar Ahmed resigned in the wake of serving in the top legal
situation for over two years. Equity Ahmed accepted office on December 21,
2019, supplanting ex-CJP Justice Saqib Nisar. Equity (retd) Gulzar Ahmed had
taken suo moto notice of a few issues connected with the minorities remembering
an assault for a Hindu sanctuary in Karak

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