The power controller,
National Electricity Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra), is yet to explain why
the military’s officials are as yet being given just a 3.5 percent discount on
power duties against a 50 percent refund that had been guaranteed to them by
the central government during the 1990s through a guideline, as per sources in
the power area.


Sources said that since
the 2000s, Army Officers have been getting just a 3.5 % discount on power
duties, adding that a new news thing conveyed by a segment of press has made an
incorrect impression that the outline through which the Defense Ministry has looked
for a 50 percent refund for armed force officials is “another
synopsis,” which isn’t right.


Clarifying what really
establishes “the genuine position,” the sources said that according
to an administration guideline of the 1990s, military’s officials are qualified
for a half refund.


Nonetheless, because of
computation component of Distribution Companies (Discos) just a net refund of
3.5 % has been given to them.


In 2018, the sources
added, a proper solicitation was made to Ministry of Defense for outlining a
strategy as per the 1990s guideline. It was as of late that the Ministry of
Defense looked for remarks from the power controller in such manner, asking it
to eliminate the inconsistency by permitting the military officials a 50
percent discount on power duties according to government’s promise, the sources
finished up.

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