Reacting to the ongoing crackdown against
the PTI’s workers and ban on the Azadi March, the party’s chairman and former
prime, while addressing the “neutrals”, said the entire nation is
looking towards them.

Addressing a press conference in Peshawar, Imran Khan said,
“Neutrals! the entire nation looking towards you. A judgment will be passed on

He announced to carry on with the party’s
‘Azadi March’ despite the government’s decision to stop the long march. Khan
said he will lead the biggest procession in Pakistan’s history tomorrow.

Turning his guns towards the PMLN-led government, Imran Khan said
he has been seeing the Sharif family adopting the same tactics as military
dictators since 1985.

“They tend to remember democracy as soon as they leave power,” he
said, asking how many times these parties have taken to the streets against the
government in the 3.5 years the PTI was in power.

He questioned if the PTI government had tried to stop them the way
they [the PML-N government] did last night.

“They entered the houses of people and didn’t care for the privacy
of women,” he said.

He condemned that the police entered the house of a retired army
major, while referring to a video that surfaced on social media in which a girl
is in tears and saying that the cops harassed her.

Imran Khan vows to reach Islamabad

The PTI chairman asked the people to break the chains of fear,
while giving an example of how Afghans fought foreign powers. He said that the
government cannot put a sea of people who are willing to come out in his
support in jail.

He asked the bureaucracy of Punjab how they could follow the
orders of Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz, saying he [Hamza] said doesn’t have a
majority vote.

He warned the authorities of action against every unlawful order
they follow.


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