During the ongoing crackdown against gas pilferers, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) continued raids in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad, cutting off another 95 connections while 274 under-billing cases were processed after slapping Rs4.59 million fines.

According to a spokesperson for the gas utility, Lahore’s regional team severed seven connections on illegal use of gas and another 10 on use of compressor while 151 under-billing cases were also processed. The team also imposed fines of Rs 0.25 million against under-billing cases. In Bahawalpur the company disconnected one connection on the use of compressor. The regional team in Multan disconnected three connections on illegal use of gas and three connections on compressor use, while 73 under-billing cases were also processed.The team imposed Rs0.14 million fines against gas pilferes. In Peshawar and Karak, the company severed 42 connections on account of direct use of gas and illegal use of gas and an amount of Rs 1.07 million against gas theft and under-billing cases was imposed and five FIRs were lodged for gas thief. The regional team in Islamabad severed nine connections on illegal use of gas. In Sahiwal, the team imposed fine of Rs 0.01 million against gas theft. In Faisalabad 10 under billing cases were processed. In Sargodha the team imposed a fine of Rs 0.03 million against gas pilferers. The team of Sheikhupura disconnected 16 connections on illegal use of gas and 29 under billing cases have been processed and amount of Rs 2.74 against Under billing and gas theft cases.In Gujranwala one connection on use of compressor and 11 under billing cases have been processed also imposed fine 0.17 million against gas theft cases. The team of Gujarat disconnected 3 connections on illegal use of gas.

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