Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Secretary General Asad
Umar again warned on Saturday that if an attempt was made to arrest the former
prime minister Imran Khan or threaten his life, neither the party leadership
nor Imran himself would be able to stop the party workers from harsh reaction.

Talking to the media here, Umar said he had
received a call from a very senior administration officials at around 5pm on
Friday, hours before the PTI chairman was scheduled to address a public meeting
in Multan, in which the officer cautioned him (Umar) that there was a very
serious threat.

Umar said he spoke to Imran and recommended that ‘bulletproof’
arrangements be made and then the very next morning at 3am, in the darkness of
the night, a police team arrived for a survey. 

“Who are they trying to fool? They already knew Imran was not
there. Did they come to give the message that they could do even this and Imran
would be frightened? Not to talk of Imran, you cannot even frighten the youth
standing with me,” he asserted.

The PTI leader made it clear that the more the imported government
showed its intent to use force, the greater the party’s reaction would be, as
Imran Khan and PTI believed in peaceful politics and rule of law.

Without naming the rivals, he said the PTI never attacked the
Supreme Court, never created a bench at the Quetta Registry and then
orchestrated a decision against a sitting chief justice of Pakistan and never
attempted to hijack the plane of a serving army chief.

The PTI leader said the PTI and Imran Khan’s strength lies with
the country’s people, and the PTI chairman had no intention of using violence.
“But I want to tell you. God forbid, even if an attempt is made to arrest Imran
or threaten his life, you will be responsible for what happens in Pakistan.
Forget us, even Imran Khan will not be able to hold them (party workers) back,”
he cautioned.

Umar said the protection of the head of Pakistan’s largest
political party and future prime minister was the responsibility of the
government. He referred to PMLN Vice President Maryam Nawaz and asserted that
if steps could be taken for the protection of a person who did not hold a
public office and was not the head of a political party and had been convicted,
and was out on bail, the primary responsibility for Imran’s safety also fell on
the government.

He contended: “All institutions that can provide protection… it
is everyone’s responsibility to protect Imran’s life and take whatever steps
needed. I ask the government to not test the country and that there is only one
simple, democratic and constitutional way out, which is to announce the date
for the general elections.”

He also criticised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and said he did
not know who had brought him to power.

Meanwhile, reacting to the arrest of PTI leader and ex-minister Dr
Shireen Mazari, Umar condemned the development and said under the garb of a
ridiculous and absurd case, an attempt was made to play with the rule of law.
“The imported government is shaky and its days are numbered. Dr Mazari’s arrest
shows the government’s confusion. We demand her immediate release,” he

Earlier, PTI leader Usman Dar claimed that the Islamabad Police
reached Imran’s Bani Gala residence with a prison van but went back after
seeing what he claimed a huge number of Imran’s tigers. He said in a tweet:
“Listen carefully! We’re not afraid of the prison van. We ran a trailer in
Sialkot, the film is still left.”


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