The federal cabinet has approved the salaries and perks and privileges of the deputy chairman and prosecutor general of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). 

The cabinet gave the approval on the recommendation of NAB chairman.Prosecutor General NAB Syed Ehtesham Shah will get a salary of Rs1,680,000 per month along with 600 liters of petrol, driver and official vehicle, free electricity and gas and other allowances equal to those of the Supreme Court judge.Deputy Chairman Sohail Nasir will receive a salary of Rs1,500,000 along with 500 liters of petrol, official vehicle, driver, free electricity and gas and other allowances as allowed to a High Court judge. However, the salaries and allowances will be subject to tax deductions.Both the prosecutor general and deputy chairman will also receive recovery bonus. The Ministry of Law has also issued a notification in this regard.

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