Pakistan is ranked at the 8th spot in terms of agriculture output but still it lags in reducing malnutrition and achieving food security.

The change in dietary preferences and reduction in food wastage can help reduce the two intertwined issues.It was stated by Dr Ghulam Saduq Afridi in a session titled “Towards Affordable and Resilient Food Systems” at the 26th Annual Sustainable Development Conference of the SDPI here on Wednesday.Dr Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), said that Food Systems in Pakistan are resilient. However, affordability is an issue that needs a concerted effort.Also, the diversity of food is low in Pakistan. Pakistan is highly reliant on food imports which is a threat to achieving food security, especially in instances when exporting countries impose restrictions on food export.Dr Jamie Morrison, while addressing the session, said that governments need to set goals and integrate food system pathways in their planning. IDr Shaheen Ashraf from UN-WFP highlighted the gender disparities in the food systems. Women are playing a huge role in agriculture production however they are not included in decision making. She emphasized the need for a food-based social protection system. Dr Tariq Mukhtar, Dean Faculty of Agriculture, PMAS Rawalpindi, emphasized the requirement for a multi-dimensional approach to transform the Food Systems.

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