In a major anti-gas theft operation conducted by the SSGC’s DSM Surjani Zone Team of Distribution West, along with the Customer Relations Department in Surjani Town, around 12,090 houses were caught using gas directly through rubber pipes and illegal service connections.

The operation was conducted in Surjani Town’s Sectors 10/1 to 10/7, Shah Baig Goth, Khano Goth and Dano Brohi Goth in which the raiding team dismantled a 125mm diameter main line from two points that were being used for the purpose of gas theft in a bulk amount.In Sectors 10/1 to 10/7, around 5,600 houses consuming illegal gas from the main line had their connections removed, while 6,000, 290 and 200 connections were dismantled in Shah Baig Goth, Khano Goth and Dano Brohi Goth respectively, where these houses were consuming stolen gas from the main line.In another operation, the SSGC’s Customer Relations Department conducted a raid against illegal connections in Lasi Goth, Bhittai Town, Karachi, in coordination with the distribution team along with the SSGC police. A total of 80 connections were removed during the raid. Initially a complaint of low pressure was received from the PMDU Cell from the area, which was dealt with by various departments, yet the complainants had shown dissatisfaction over the response. The complaint was finally sent to the CRD that planned the raid.The SSGC’s Counter Gas Theft Operations’ Operation Wing also conducted a joint raid in a flour mill located in New Karachi Industrial Area and found one industrial connection for power generation of steel factory on RLNG, one high pressure RLNG commercial connection for flour mills and one system gas commercial connection for ice factory in the same premises.The gas meter was suspected for tampering/PUG and interconnected with RLNG connections, with a suction booster also installed. Both commercial meters were replaced and sent for testing and the booster was removed. A Meter Testing Report was received wherein the meter and the regulator were declared tampered with after which an FIR was lodged against industry owner Humayun Bashir. All three meters were disconnected and an appropriate claim was raised.The SSGC has demonstrated zero tolerance against the menace of gas theft as it is the primary cause behind Unaccounted-for-Gas or line losses that negatively impacts the company’s financial bottom-line, said a press release issued by the gas utility.

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