The Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) has declared the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee’s progress on the given responsibilities/mandate as unsatisfactory, saying that the temporary body has to update the authorities’ on a weekly basis.

In a letter written to the chairman MC by the joint secretary Ministry for IPC, it has also been asserted that the MC according to the cabinet division is not authorized to make any policy decision and is only there to perform its primary responsibilities that is to streamline BoG affairs and to conduct the elections for chairman post.“The federal cabinet by its approval has entrusted upon you (PCB-MC) to finalize the BoG and conduct of election of chairman PCB at the very initial stage to streamline the affairs of Pakistan Cricket Board, which it has so far been unable to accomplish satisfactorily. You are, therefore, required to steer up all resources and efforts to achieve this goal, at the earliest, for which a prompt plan of action needs to be shared with IPC Division,” the letter sent to the MC chairman says.The letter further adds that the MC has no mandate to make policy decisions. The breach will be equal to misuse of authority. “That it is, needless to mention that besides assigning primary responsibility of early conduct of elections of chairman PCB, the federal cabinet only authorized the Management Committee to run the day-to-day affairs of the PCB and restricted the Management Committee for taking any policy decision or making high level appointment and therefore, any action of Management Committee contrary to the cabinet’s decision will be treated as non-implementation of Federal Cabinet’s decision and misuse of authority.”The ministry also quoted the rules and asserted on the Management Committee to implement the Federal Cabinet’s decision and to discharge official responsibility, in pursuance of the rule 24 (2), (3) & (4), Rules of Business, 1973. “Prepare and share with the ministry, the plan of action, with timelines, persons of responsibility, to fulfill the primary task of finalizing the BoG and conduct election of chairman PCB at the earliest. An endorsement to the direction that the Management Committee will perform day to day affairs of PCB only and shall not make any policy decisions or high level appointments; Furnish weekly report regarding actions taken by the Management Committee may be furnished to this ministry to ensure full implementation of Cabinet’s decision in accordance with Rule 24 (2), (3) & (4) of Rules of Business, 1973.”The ministry further reminded the temporary PCB Committee that three-month extension was only meant to complete the given task as there will be no further extension. “The Management Committee shall perform the primary task of finalizing the BoG and conduct election of Chairman PCB at the earliest.

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