The rate of Pakistanis expressing confidence in the country’s general and current economic situation has risen again after several years of decline.

This was revealed in the fourth quarter report of “Consumer Confidence Survey 2023” by Ipsos Pakistan, in which more than 1,000 people from all over the country participated. The survey was conducted between October 31 and November 3, 2023In the previous survey, 98 percent of Pakistanis called the direction of the country wrong, but in the current survey, a decrease of 10 percent was observed and 88 percent expressed distrust in the direction of the country, while the rate of those who declared the direction to be correct increased by 10 percent.Similarly, the percentage of Pakistanis who consider the country’s economy to be weak increased to 60pc after a significant decrease of 16pc. While the rate of those who said the country’s economy is strong was seen at 5pc. The rate of Pakistanis holding a moderate position on the state of the economy increased by 13 percent to 35 percent in the current survey.In the next six months, the rate of pessimistic Pakistanis with the country’s economy also decreased by 25pc. In September 2023, 66 percent, while in the current survey, 41 percent expressed disappointment about the improvement in the country’s economy, while the rate of Pakistanis hoping for improvement in the economy increased to 33 percent after a significant increase of 23 percent, and the rate of those with a moderate position increased to 26pc.

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