In a concerted effort to raise awareness about the quality standards in the Virgin Olive Oil industry, a Virgin Olive Oil Organoleptic Competition recently took centre stage, spotlighting excellence and fostering a culture of quality within the sector. The competition served as a platform for producers to showcase their commitment to delivering superior virgin olive oil products.

Additionally, three scientists were recognised for their exceptional field performance, emphasizing the very important role of research and innovation in advancing the virgin olive oil sector. Their contributions are instrumental in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and driving sustainable practices in olive farming.A highlight of the awards ceremony was the recognition of excellence in packaging and bottling for quality virgin olive oil. Producers who exhibited meticulous attention to detail in presenting their products received accolades, reinforcing the importance of transparency and high standards in the packaging process. “The extraversion of virgin olive oil is not safe, but we are proud of our team as we possess the expertise to judge the quality of oil,” stated Dr. Muhammad Tariq, highlighting the public awareness aspect of the gala.In conjunction with the awards ceremony, a World Olive Day Walk was organised, adding a symbolic and community-oriented dimension to the celebration. Participants engaged in a collective walk, emphasizing the global significance of olive cultivation and its positive impact on health, agriculture, and the environment.“In order to ensure olive sector development in Pakistan, we are building capacities and providing training through Italian experts,” added Dr. Marco Marchetti, Int Project Coordinator, Olive Culture Project, underlining the commitment to the growth and development of the olive industry in the region.

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