A seven-month-old video, regarding the presence of a fly/insect in a liquid injection ampoule in district Mianwali, has resurfaced on social media.

When this video, first, appeared on social media in April this year, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) had recalled Spadix, 4ml injection (Phloroglucinol and Trimethylphloroglucinol Batch#570), manufactured by a local pharmaceutical company, on April 20, 2023.As a precautionary measure, DRAP recalled the drug in order to prevent any public health hazard.When contacted by The News, Director General Drugs Control, Punjab, Muhammad Sohail was not available for comments.However, an official of Drug Control administration, requesting anonymity, claimed that the video had been recirculated on social media after seven months by some vested elements allegedly to blackmail the manufacturing company to mint money. He said that this repeated attempt to create panic among the public for personal interests is highly condemnable, especially when the matter had been addressed six months ago after recalling the drug from the market.The manufacturers, and all those involved in the supply chain including suppliers, distributors, chemists and wholesale and retail medical stores were prosecuted through Drug Court, Faisalabad.Following the court’s decision, the action was taken against those found involved in the negligence, however, the company challenged the drug court’s decision in Provincial Quality Control Board. The PQCB has taken up the review plea and investigating the matter, which will be decided in the due course of time.He claimed that this new episode of recirculating an old video, allegedly involving a couple of drugstore owners and a local journalist from Mianwali, will be referred to the Regional Police Officer for a criminal investigation to ascertain their motive behind this nefarious attempt.

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