The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has
started pre

According to sources, the constituencies are
being made across the country in accordance with the census of 2017 and the constituencies
committees will accomplish primary constituencies till May 24.

The list of preliminary constituencies will be published on May
28. The objections to these constituencies will be submitted from 29th of May
to 28th of June. 

The work on making constituencies across country will be
accomplished till August 3 and final list will be published on same day. The
ECP has set up display centre for publication of final electoral lists in this

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on
Saturday issued a show-cause notice to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif over his
failure to conduct intra-party elections of the ruling Pakistan Muslim
League-Nawaz (PMLN), which he himself heads.

The commission issued a statement along with
the details of other parties which also have been issued notices for not
conducting the intra-party elections. The electoral body pointed out that the
last date for the PMLN to conduct intra-party elections was March 13, 2022,
which had been extended on the PMLN’s request to May 14, and the party under
the law was supposed to submit the certificate of elections to the ECP by May
21. The commission warned the PMLN president that the party could be
disqualified to obtain election symbol for not conducting intra-party elections
as per the law.

Likewise, the ECP noted that the last date for conduct of
intra-party polls for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was June 13, 2021,
however, in the wake of a request from the party, it had been given time till
June 13, 2022.

It is pertinent to mention here that Section 208 of the Elections
Act 2017 requires all political parties to elect office-bearers at federal,
provincial and local levels, wherever applicable, periodically in accordance
with the constitution of the respective political party: provided that a
period, not exceeding five years, shall intervene between any two elections;
reads a proviso to Section 208(1) of the act.

Political parties under the law are also required to publish the
updated list of their central office-bearers and executive committee members,
by whatever name called, on its website and send the list and any subsequent
change in it to the commission. The Section 209 of the act requires the
political parties to submit to the ECP within seven days from completion of intra-party
elections a certificate signed by an office-bearer authorized by the party
head, to the effect that the elections were held in accordance with the
constitution of the political party.

Under Section 215 of the act, a political party which fails to
submit a certificate on intra-party elections is ineligible to obtain an
election symbol for contesting elections for parliament, provincial assemblies
or local governments.

The commission released a list of these parties including Pakistan
Kissan Ittehad (Chaudhry Anwar), PTI Gulalai, Pakistan Qomi Yakjehti Party,
Mohibb-e-Watan Nojawan Inqilab Ki Anjuman, Muttahida Ulema Mashaikh Council of
Pakistan, Pakistan Aman Party, Sunni Ittehad, Aam Adami Tehreek Pakistan, Aal
Pakistan Tehreek and Pakistan Human Rights Party. Notices to these parties have
been issued for violation of Section 209 and Section 10 of the Elections Act
2017 and under Section 215 (4), saying that why not these parties be disqualified
from obtaining election symbols.

Moreover, six other parties have been issued final notices for
conducting intra-party polls within the fixed period: Aam Log Ittehad
(23.08.2022), Pakistan Awami Raj (26.06.2022), Pakistan National Muslim League
(06.02.2022), Peoples Movement of Pakistan (04.08.2022), Tehreek-e-Darveshan
Pakistan (15.07.2022) and Pakistani Sunni Tehreek (22.05.2022).


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