disappointment of last week’s high-stakes conciliatory gatherings to determine
raising pressures over Ukraine has put Russia, the United States and its
European partners in strange post-Cold War an area, presenting huge moves for
the fundamental players to stay away from an altogether and possibly appalling
a showdown


to past conflicts that have emerged since the breakdown of the Soviet Union,
the current Ukraine emergency and apparently impossible contrasts among
Washington and Moscow convey genuine dangers of weakening monetary fighting and
military clash that are exacerbated by the risks of error and eruption


For the
US and its NATO and other European partners, nothing under a tremendous
pullback of the approximately 100,000 Russian soldiers currently conveyed close
to the Ukrainian boundary will demonstrate that Russian President Vladimir
Putin has any expectation of haggling in with the best of intentions. For the
Russians, the West’s outright refusal to consider a restriction on NATO
development and the withdrawal of troops from the Eastern Europe is
confirmation of its dishonesty


concessions are muddled by the reality neither Putin nor President Joe Biden
needs to be viewed as withdrawing before one or the other homegrown or
unfamiliar crowds


refusal hitherto by each side to descend from what different sees as
unreasonable and maximalist requests has left the possibilities for tact in an
in-between state, with the US and its partners blaming Russia for stirring up
pressures out of the blue and the Russians whining again that the Americans are
the aggressors


accept the circumstance should turn out to be significantly more desperate
before the stalemate can be broken


hole in insights is really expansive that a new and perilous acceleration could
be important to make the gatherings open up their creative mind and quest for
arrangements,” Fyodor Lukyanov, the top of the Moscow-based Council for
Foreign and Defense Policies said

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