Queen wanted ‘success’ for Meghan Markle in
the royal family, claims expert.

Royal author and Princess Diana biographer, Tina Brown tells
Washington Post that the Queen was about to pass on one of her most ‘treasured’
patronages to the Duchess of Sussex.

“I think the Queen and the Palace set the
Sussexes up for a lot of success. I mean the Queen gave [Ms Markle] one of her
most treasured patronages.

“Patron of the national theatre. What a fabulous thing for a
former actress. A marvellous, prestigious patronage.

“She also made her vice-chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation,
which, given that Meghan said she had a huge desire to do some global,
humanitarian work, there’s no better platform to be able to talk about women’s
education or the question of minorities.

“This was a fantastic platform, really, that needed modernising
and dusting off and repositioning, particularly in the social atmosphere right
now with the Black Lives Matter issue.

“But, nonetheless, there was a big role there, a long-standing
role, with a lot of longevity for the Sussexes,’ she noted.

However, Meghan and Prince Harry decided to leave UK and quit
their duties as senior royals in the family. The couple now lives in


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