Queen is asked to tread carefully as she
sends her family on various royal tours, says Dr Shola in a brutal new

The expert confesses that Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess
of Wessex cold welcome in Saint Lucia this week was not surprising.

Dr Shola told Sky News: “Absolutely I’m
not surprised!

“But I am saying, two years ago we had massive global black
lives matter protests, right.

“We have been conversing in this country about different
issues about racial injustice and social injustice.

“How can you tell me that in 2022, the children of the common
Monarch, the grandchildren of the current Monarch don’t have it within the
present consciousness.

Earlier, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Jamaica only to
meet anti-monarchy protests.

Dr Shola added: “That when they go on a visit like this, they
should go humbly.

“And they should go ready, to make apologies, they should go
ready to appear…

“And present a form where they say look this is not just
about outreach this is about truth.

“It’s about reconciliation and it’s about justice.

“If they were not ready to do that, what the heck were they
doing in those countries, except to bask in the representation of the British
Empire, which is quite frankly dead.”


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