Cristiano Ronaldo shared an Instagram photo that showed him working out with his son, following the 13-year-old’s plea for his father to continue playing.

Last year, when he signed with Al-Nassr and joined the Saudi revolution, the Portuguese sensation made his first trip outside of Europe. Ronaldo, who topped the scoring statistics this season, was the first well-known player to go to the Middle East, according to The Mirror.

Ronaldo has long been respected for his commitment to maintaining his physical health, and he frequently shares photos of his workouts on social media. With the following description, he posted a photo of himself and Cristiano Jr  “Today with my partner.”

Cristiano Jr has participated in play at multiple academies and is predicted to pursue his father’s professional path. Now that he’s reading Al-Nassr’s books, he’s happy with his own development and intends to finally provide his father with the pitch before he retires.

The U13s star said: “I am very happy to have come here and I feel comfortable with (Al-Nassr), and I adapted quickly and enjoyed a lot during the current season, thank God.”

Ronaldo has claimed: “My son tells me: dad, hold on a few more years. I want to play with you!” Recently at the Globe Soccer Awards, the Portuguese star joked he could go on for a decade despite turning 39 earlier this month. He said: “The moment I finish, I don’t know to be honest. Of course it will be soon, soon I mean 10 years more. No I am joking, I don’t know, let’s see.”

In his later years, Ronaldo experienced immense success; he scored goals quickly and won two Ballon d’Or awards after turning thirty. Many said that he was just taking a large payday and that moving to Saudi Arabia would be the end of his career.

However, the Portuguese celebrity denied that upon joining:  “They say Ronaldo is done… but it’s not true. I will continue to play until my legs say: Cristiano, I’m done’. I still have a lot. I still love football and scoring goals. I still love winning. They say I’m done but I’m still proving that it’s not true.”

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