Residents in the eastern city of Valencia faced a harrowing situation as a fire swept through two residential buildings, leaving families stranded on their balconies and at least 13 people injured. 

The blaze erupted in the city centre, with flames engulfing a 14-storey building, forcing inhabitants to seek refuge on their balconies as they awaited rescue.

Firefighters, responding promptly to the emergency, deployed cranes to rescue trapped residents. 

The flames, visible from a distance, sent black smoke spiraling into the sky. The adjacent building also fell victim to the fire’s wrath, amplifying the challenges faced by emergency responders.

Soldiers from Spain’s Military Emergency Unit joined the efforts, adding to the collective response to the crisis. 

Medics on the scene set up a large tent to provide immediate care to the injured, who suffered from fractures, burns, and smoke inhalation. Among the casualties were six firefighters.

As the situation unfolded, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed shock at the “terrible fire in a building in Valencia” and pledged full support to the affected city. 

“I want to convey my solidarity to all the people affected and recognition to all the emergency personnel already deployed at the scene,” Sanchez stated, underlining the national commitment to assisting in times of crisis.

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