Barrister Gohar Ali Khan was “removed” as the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for “unsatisfactory” performance, former ruling party’s leader Sher Afzal Marwat claimed Friday.

His remarks came a day after Gohar announced that the PTI’s next chairman nominee is Barrister Ali Zafar. The party’s internal elections are scheduled to take place on March 3.

The former ruling party’s top post had been lying vacant for more than a month after not only the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), but the Supreme Court also declared its intra-party elections unlawful and stripped the party of its iconic ‘bat’ symbol.

Therefore, Gohar, who became the chairman as a result of those elections, was not the party head anymore. But as the party is set to hold its next elections, it has chosen someone else other than him.

Talking to Geo News, Marwat said: “Incompetence and poor performance are the reasons behind Gohar’s removal as chairman. Barrister Gohar is a gentleman but his performance was not satisfactory.”

Responding to a question, the PTI leader said that Gohar failed to meet the workers’ expectations. “To run a party office, one has to be active all the time, but this did not happen.”

Following the election results, the party leadership’s approach was not commendable, he said, adding that Gohar should have led the party after the polls but he failed.

A day earlier, Gohar, while announcing the nominee for the top slot said: “This time, our candidate for party chairman will be Barrister Ali Zafar and Omar Ayub secretary general.”

He said everyone should do everything in their power to ensure that Zafar is elected as the party’s next chairman.

PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan had announced holding intra-party polls to elect the chairman, and central and provincial organising bodies on February 5 but the party, however, postponed the elections.

As per the PTI’s new election schedule, candidates intending to contest the intra-party polls can submit their nomination papers on February 23 and 24, with the scrutiny being carried out on February 25.

Meanwhile, the final decisions on nomination papers will be announced on February 27 and the polling will be held on March 3 at the party’s central office as well as provincial secretariats.

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