As the weekend is set to see a February full moon, here are the horoscopes of the star signs for the 24th and 25th of this month as per Hello India.


Aries, you’re feeling very competitive this weekend. Whether it’s in your professional life, your personal life, or your hobbies, you’ll discover that you’re eager to try new things and show yourself. But before you jump, don’t forget to pause and consider the long-term effects of your decision.


Taurus, the energy of the full moon will make you feel very sensuous and want to spoil yourself with the good things in life. You feel most content when you’re treating your senses, whether it’s with a fine dining experience, an opulent spa treatment, or a shopping binge.


You can learn things from the most unlikely places, Gemini. You’ll be especially curious and keen to discover new things and explore novel concepts this weekend. You’re happiest when you’re learning new things, whether it’s through reading a book, attending a class, or engaging in meaningful conversation with a buddy.


You will take a trip down memory lane this coming weekend. Looking back and reflecting on the past can be therapeutic, but try not to get caught up in it or revert to unhelpful habits. Make an effort to let go of the emotional burden you’ve been bearing so you may go forward more optimistically.


Leo, be ready for everyone to be staring at you. You never back down from a spotlight opportunity, and this weekend you’ll feel especially magnetic. Host a dinner party or extend an invitation to your dear ones. Take in the good vibes that surround you and revel in their affection for you.


This weekend, Virgo, you should examine your life more closely and be honest with yourself about your own flaws. Make the initial move towards acknowledging your errors and concentrate your efforts on figuring out how to get over them.


This weekend, give something you’ve been afraid to attempt a try. You have to face it and have the conversation, whether it’s a new hobby or something uncomfortable that has been waiting for a while. Your inability to realise your full potential is a result of the mental block, which is interfering with every part of your life.


Scorpio, be ready for a very emotional weekend. You’ve been itching to explore your feelings and desires in depth due to the uncertainties of the last few days. Give yourself some space to think clearly about what you want from the people in your life, and then make the effort to freely communicate your deepest desires and sentiments to those you love.


Release yourself from limitations and let your creativity flow. To learn new things about yourself, Sagittarius, don’t limit yourself and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Opportunities abound during this time, but they also provide their own set of difficulties, so you must be ready to face them all.


It’s the ideal moment to take care of your responsibilities because Capricorn, you’ll feel very conscientious. Just keep an eye on your mental well-being because it’s simple to become overwhelmed by everything going on in your environment.


This weekend, the stars have a few surprises in store for you, so keep an open mind. Embrace your gut and let it lead you to your next exciting journey. Though there are countless options available, you must avoid becoming sidetracked and lost in the maze of choices. Never forget that asking for assistance is always an option.


Pisces, try not to let little setbacks get you down. Have faith in your family’s support and your own diligence. You’ll be back to your best self and things will find their rhythm once more. It’s likely that you’ll gain insight from your mistakes and discover new avenues for improvement.

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