In China, males will now have to move in with their wives and families, but women no longer have to say goodbye to their homes. 

For this reason, a matchmaking agency is becoming fairly popular in China.

Customers can find a fantastic match at Jindianzi, an agency located in Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan area in the Eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.  

The “live-in son-in-law” concept is rapidly gaining popularity since it allows single men to meet and perhaps marry wealthy women. A golden rule in this regard is that “lazy men” can use this service to find suitable women without having to apply, according to India Times.

During the Chinese Spring Festival, this agency’s innovative strategy went viral.

Generally speaking, women are required to move away from their homes and relatives and take care of their partners and their family, according to global custom. The agency has assumed the duty of locating a suitable match. According to this plan, the children will continue the wife’s family name by adopting it.

The son-in-law needs to make a minimum of Rs 1.2 million a year. It has also been said that they must be five feet and six inches tall. The fact that guys shouldn’t have tattoos or a criminal history is among the most crucial factors. The candidates shouldn’t be indolent either.

In Xiaoshan, this trend has persisted for decades, while it is just now beginning to pick up steam in other parts of the world. According to reports, Xiaoshan has the highest Gross Domestic Product of all the districts of Hangzhou, one of the wealthiest cities in China. In the city, women’s parents forbid their grandchildren from adopting another family’s last name since it represents a betrayal of their fortune.

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