Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is facing a
challenge from a company as she tries to trademark the centuries-old word

Royal expert Richard Eden has revealed this in his latest article
for the Mail Plus.

He says, “FOLLOWING my disclosure that the
Duchess of Sussex has applied to trademark the ancient English word
‘archetypes’, the name of her new podcast series, I can reveal she faces a
challenge from a company trying to create a dating and luxury goods brand.”

The royal expert further disclosed “U.S. based Project Miracle IP
Holdings has also filed papers looking to trademark the word ‘archetypes’.”

The most worrying aspect for Meghan, 40,
will be the company’s possible encroachment into her media space, he said and
added Project Miracle would also like its trademark to cover ‘interactive
media’. A ruling on the trademark applications will be made in the coming

Earlier, there were reports Meghan Markle had applied to trademark
the word ‘archetypes’.

The former actress announced last month that her first series of
podcasts for Spotify would be called ‘Archetypes’.


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