A news publication has incorrectly represented Federal Minister Jam Kamal Khan's statement regarding the federal

A news publication has incorrectly represented Federal Minister Jam Kamal Khan’s statement regarding the federal government’s budget, published on July 5.

In fact, a statement from the ministry said, the Commerce Minister criticised the allocation of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for Balochistan, not the federal government’s budget.

“This erroneous reporting has led to confusion and misinformation. It is essential to correct this,” the statement said

The correct details pertain to concerns raised by Kamal on June 29, regarding PSDP allocation for Balochistan.

Khan criticised the current distribution of funds in Balochistan, emphasising the need for a transparent and accountable process that prioritizes elected officials’ input over unelected individuals.

In a tweet, Kamal urged the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti, to address the disparities in the allocation of funds under the PSDP.

Khan highlighted concerns over a significant portion of funds being allocated to individuals who are not elected officials, including those who lost in previous elections and others who are not publicly accountable.

He stressed that elected Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs) are answerable to their voters and should be the ones suggesting projects for their areas.

Khan criticised the allocation of billions of rupees to unelected individuals, influential decision-makers, and certain senators without constituencies, labeling it as inappropriate.

Expressing hope for corrective action, Kamal called on CM Bugti to rectify these issues and ensure a fair and accountable distribution of development funds in Balochistan.

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