Ramazan in full swing, we are enjoying delicious iftari. My mother placed
orders for samosas, rolls and parathay before the holy month. The sweet and
sour tamarind chutney was made and bottled, along with her special chaat
masala. The tailor has already been ordered to deliver new lawn suits for my
mother and sisters and me, because my mother says that if you wear new clothes
in Ramazan, God does not hold you accountable for it. See, we are all set for

that ring a bell, friends? I think the same thing happens in most of the
houses, with variations, of course. We celebrate the month by holding a 29-30
day food festival, make new clothes, have our houses painted and curtains
changed – all to welcome Ramazan.

is not intended as criticism. All of us who have means to indulge themselves
have the right to do so. And, if by doing all this people’s religious fervor
increases, it’s a good thing. We prepare for wedding events, birthdays, etc. so
why not for Ramazan? But, do we prepare for the spirit of Ramazan?

until the Ramazan before Covid 19, I always made it a point to have my Ramazan
wardrobe ready. After all, ours is a big family and there are so many iftar
dinners! One must be prepared, for repeating clothes is not an option. Enter
Covid 19 and Ramazan came and went without iftaris. Initially, it seemed
intolerable and my entire family was depressed. We love making iftari and
sharing it with relatives, so not being able to do so dampened our excitement.

was the fifth roza last year when the doorbell rang few minutes before maghrib
time. It was someone who wanted food for his children. Normally, my mother does
not indulge beggars, but we had plenty of iftari, so my mother made a nice
packet, with the iftar items in disposable boxes – not thelis. The guy was
overwhelmed with emotion when my brother gave him iftari. For a few seconds, he
could not speak and when he mastered his emotions, he prayed to God to bless
our family. My brother was so moved that without even asking my mother, he told
the man to come every day for iftari.

he told all this to my parents, they were also stirred. After Maghrib prayers
when we were having tea, my parents discussed how much happiness we had felt
when we heard how that man had prayed for us. We discussed this matter and came
to realise that Ramazan is for sharing what we have with those who are less
fortunate. We can have iftar parties and enjoy, but we should not forget what
we owe to those who need food to survive. Our little efforts can fill someone
else’s heart with happiness, too.

by the way, I know most people give iftari that is leftover to beggars or
servants. I am talking about treating those beggars as guests of Allah. By
giving them stuff like we would to our neighbours or relatives. If I have
sounded preachy, I offer apologies. All I want to say is that this Ramazan,
make an extra effort and be mindful of the fact that if you do it nicely, Allah
will surely bless you.


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