The Federal Capital Police, with the help of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and paramilitary forces, have initiated an operation against aliens illegally living in different hinterlands in and around Islamabad, including Afghan nationals without having proof of residency (PoR) or any legal document to live in Pakistan.

In the first phase of executing Deportation Implementation Plan (DIP) submitted to the Ministry of Interior for final approval, the law enforcement agencies have detained more than 800 Afghan nationals during a search and combing operations in the City and Sadar Zones, including Bahara Kahu, Tarnol, Shams Colony, Mera Badi, Golra and other localities of Islamabad, the police sources said. They said about 400 people, detained by the CTD, later showed PoRs and were released without initiating any legal action, but the remaining failed to show any legal document to stay in Pakistan.

The DIP is a comprehensive plan against the foreigners illegally living in the Federal Capital Islamabad, especially the Afghan nationals, to deport illegal aliens and to deport them to their native countries. “The aliens living in Pakistan without PoRs, would be sent to their native countries after completing legal documentations, while, 375 Afghan national illegally living in Pakistan would be sent across the border,” the sources, quoting DIP, said.

A joint team comprising of the police, CTD, paramilitary forces and other LEAs conducted vigorous measures against illegally residing foreign nationals within the federal capital, a public relations officer said.

He said that, during the ongoing year, 65 cases have been registered in Islamabad against the illegally residing foreign nationals, while a total of 451 illegal immigrants have been apprehended, and facing legal procedures before relevant courts. Some 82 suspicious individuals have been shifted to Police Station during search and combing operation

He said the joint team of LEAS conducted search and combing operation in different areas of Sabzi Mandi police station by CTD, FC and local police teams.

During the search and combing operation, 82 aliens including 31 suspicious individuals and 51 foreigners were shifted to the police station for verification purposes. IGP Islamabad, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan said the Capital Police is actively pursuing legal measures against individuals who aid illegal residency or employment of foreign nationals.

“The crackdown against the aliens living without PoR, would continue till the hunting down the last illegal resident in Islamabad,” the IGP concluded.

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